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Exercise for Pain Management

Physical pain is something we all have dealt wi...

Breathing for Relaxation and More!

Try this, take a deep breath in and now slowl...

Why you may feel more pain during quarantine and how to handle it.

Why you may feel more pain during quarantine an...

Thriving while Working from Home

Thriving while working from home.  In the time...

Posture and The Mind

When we hear people talk about bad posture we i...

Travel Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season is the most joyous time of y...

How The Brain Shapes Pain and Links Ouch with Emotions

Pain is something that hurts or makes us say "o...

Any exercise is better than no exercise!

The advancement of technology has simplified ou...

What is Good Posture?

Common phrases like “stand up straight” and “si...

Importance of Morning Stretches

We all have had those times when we say “I’ll s...

What does DEFY mean?

Defy means to challenge, to do something imposs...

Who is Kelsey Zamoyski?

Hello! I am Kelsey Zamoyski and, like many Sout...


Kelsey and Tara are great at what they do and very caring as well.
Meryll Bettahar
What an amazing place ! They are doing an exceptional job on me to help me recover from my shoulder injury, Mayra my therapist is incredibly skilled, she is making me seeing huge recovery results after just a few sessions. She is passionate by her job and so qualified !! Thank you so much for helping me !!!
Lucy Steinvortz
Best therapists ever! From almost not being able to move my right arm, to going back to my weight lifting exercises, to my yoga and to do everything I want in only a couple of months! They have all the Covid-19 precautions needed and they take excellent care of there patients. They also have the best cupping sessions! I really recommend.

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